Rosa Bellekom Text and Translation

Rosa Bellekom is a translation agency focused on great quality, with warm customer service and a passion for the craft. We're happy to take care of all aspects of your language project, specialising in the following services:


Are you ready to talk to new markets? We know the perfect native translator for your project, the specialist who will make your message ring true in any tongue. Send us a message to see how we can help you!


Give your production the finishing touch it deserves. We work with experienced subtitlers to deliver an audiovisual translation that is as pitch-perfect as it is inconspicuous. Show your audience that you speak their language.


You know what your text needs to accomplish. But how do you say it? Let our copywriters work their magic to deliver copy that pays off time and time again.

Editing, revision and proofing

Not sure how to get your message across with just that extra bit of punch? Do you want a fresh pair of eyes to spot those pesky errors before you finish your product instead of after? We're happy to help you perfect your text!


Get your communications up to speed: let your words work for you, instead of the other way around! Tell us what problems you're running into and we'll tell you how we can solve them. We have the experience, the skills and the drive to add value to your work.

Our specialities

Software and formats

We work with clients such as Apple, ABN AMRO Bank, MasterCard and Porsche to their great satisfaction. We can take on projects small or large in countless styles and fields.

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